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There has been such a huge interest in our new ZedPhones (especially from SleepPro clients), people are asking us (begging us) to help them by shipping the current version even though it is not, as yet, the design icon I am working on and want it to be.

I’m offering a £40 discount and asking you to accept the lack of product packaging (who really needs it anyway, I ask?) and recognise that the earbuds and headsets are custom-made by hand, not mass produced in factory. They don’t look “fancy” but they work. I wanted to get the functionality sorted before the aesthetics – function before style.

The product is being shipped globally via SleepPro in England – they ship their products to America, Australia, Europe and the UK every day.

Buy a pair of ZedPhones now for £120 and save £40

Please be very clear about what you are getting (I don’t want you to be disappointed). To repeat, you are getting a pair of fully functional Anti-Snoring Headphones and a bedside speaker to generate additional white noise. You will Not receive a design icon with state of the art packaging – this will come later and cost more. You will receive a product that will help you sleep next to a loud snorer. 

So How Do I Get a Pair?

You place an order on the website and we’ll send you a kit that you will use to take impressions of your ears – we’ve sent these all over the world. You then send these back to us and we will turn them into earpieces that perfectly mirror the shape of your ears.

Once we get your ear impressions, we make a pair of soft pliable earbuds in the shape of your ears and embed a pair of earphones into them. These become the “living” part your headphones.

To order a pair, please make a payment (using the payment button below) and we’ll get the impression kit off to you the same day or the next working day.


Zedphones sleep next to a snorer

Zedphones Anti-Snoring Headphones